We’ve been super excited about the BCNMCR talks since snatching up some tickets a few weeks back and, let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

It was great to hear from studios based in Barcelona who share the same views on design as we do. No matter where you are in the world, I think you’ve got to be a certain kind of person to be a designer and every one of the speakers proved this. Although the studios have a varying range of discipline focuses they all share the same drive, ambition and dedication to the practice that makes their studios what they are today.

There were two things that stuck out for us throughout the talks. The first being the boundary pushing attitude that the studios take against brand conventions and the bold moves made in their projects to guarantee both beautiful and meaningful results. The work shown by Clase BCN for Arts Santa Monica, Pedro García and EINA (basically everything) were perfect examples of how going against the orthodox is the only way to really push what your client wants to achieve. And don’t get me started on Two Points, I was practically drooling over their vast range of works from the interior design of Bacoa to the typographic cocktail for MIT. These were absolutely beautiful examples of how ideas and execution can transform both an audiences understanding of a client and the stories a brand can tell.

The second thing that seemed a prominent theme throughout the talks was the fun nature of the practices and designers. It’s something that, I think, is a really important part of studio life, so it was great to hear how Laura Meseguer takes Friday afternoons off client work to focus on self-initiated projects, allowing her studio to be able to have some fun with their craft. Toormix’s Atelier space sounded (and looked) amazing, it allows them to challenge their skills, meaning they discover new ways of incorporating their practice into client work. This idea was summed up by SOLO’s Óscar Germade by pointing out that whilst it’s important to get the right talent it’s equally important to work with nice people to make the whole experience of design more enjoyable. Here, here!

All in all it got us really excited to be part of the industry we work in and about the kind of people dedicated to pushing what we do further with each project, and even though the video, shown by extremely talented Atipus, pointed out the grim reality that design can’t really move anyone or change anyone’s lives in the same way as cinema, books or poetry, I’m going to keep pretending it can.

If you haven’t already done so I urge you to head over to TwentyTwentyTwo to check out the BCNMCR exhibition where these great studios and a bunch of others have done some beautiful one off prints. BROSMIND… I love you!

Finally a big thanks to Dave Sedgewick for putting it all together and making it all happen!


Clase BCN’s identity video for Arts Santa Monica


Two Point’s ridiculously cool branding and interior for Bacoa



Laura Meseguer’s beautiful lettering for BCNMCR, recognise any?



Toormix’s super cool Atelier space



There’s not much I love more than a good cover and Solo nailed it with EL PAÍS Semanal.



Atipus’ work for BCNMCR is so nice! Here’s one of my faves.


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