Metrolink Monsters

Metrolink Monsters – JAM on board with TfGM to change customer behaviour

Meet the Metrolink Monsters!

JAM has been appointed by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to help highlight annoying passenger behaviours commonly believed to irritate customers on Metrolink, in a bid to increase customer satisfaction. 

Integrated agency JAM has developed a bespoke PR, social, digital and creative eight week campaign. The campaign centres around the concept of #MetrolinkMonsters. These are a set of 10 characters depicting the behaviours commuters see every day.

The characters

The characters include Crumby Chris, Rude Jude, Hogger Hal, Litter Lout Lenny, Foghorn Fred, Vaping Vera and Sneezy Sally. They highlight the consequences of unsuitable behaviour to customers. Three good monsters; Sweet Pete, Patient Penny and Kind Kamal, complete the line-up. The good monsters encourage Metrolink users to be more considerate towards each other.

The activity comes as Transport for Greater Manchester aims to increase awareness of behaviours deemed socially unacceptable. This hopes to prevent incidents of them occurring on the network. The issues not only cost Metrolink money, but also negatively impact the service they are able to offer.


Metrolink Monsters quiz and game

The campaign – which launched on Monday – is hosted on a microsite which has been designed and built by JAM. The site hosts an animated game bringing the monsters to life. Users can navigate Metrolink to avoid annoying monsters by jumping and sliding. They can also collect items to score points and top the leaderboard to win weekly prizes. 

The campaign also includes a quiz for Mancunians to find out which monster they are most like. The answers will give survey results for a campaign news story to reveal Manchester’s most annoying Metrolink habits. 

The campaign also features a series of outdoor ads designed by JAM, supplemented by a suite of social media activity. This includes quirky gifs, an Instagram takeover, a bespoke Snapchat filter, and a bank of social media content that will run throughout the course of the campaign.


JAM and TfGM

Jaime Gee, managing director of JAM, said: “We’re delighted to have been chosen by TfGM to help raise awareness of behaviours that make the daily commute less comfortable. This is the second campaign we’ve worked with TfGM on. I’m really proud that the Jammers were once again able to show off their creativity to impress the team at TfGM during pitch stage.

“We hope that the people of Greater Manchester will love the #MetrolinkMonsters and enjoy playing the game.

“It’s a great start to the year and once again, a great example to showcase the integrated offering that JAM can bring to clients, encompassing creative, web design and build, animation, experiential, PR and social media.”

Mike Mellor, Head of Commercial & Marketing at TfGM, added: “JAM impressed us with their creative and vibrant campaign to highlight the need for behavioural change on Metrolink. We love the tongue in cheek way they’re planning to target perceived irritating behaviours and to start a conversation with our customers on how small changes in all our behaviours can create a better experience for all. We’re really excited to see the #MetrolinkMonsters out and about around Greater Manchester and look forward to seeing how commuters react to the campaign.

“We’re committed to improving the customer experience on Metrolink. We have a number of other campaigns planned to target anti-social behaviour and fare evasion. We hope to make Metrolink a more pleasant environment for all users.”

Find out more at, or keep an eye on #MetrolinkMonsters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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