ConferencesUK is an online conference venue finding service. Its mission is to become the best friend of PAs nationwide and it needed an identity to match its offering of corporate and personable venue finding.

Historically, marketing communications had been formal and corporately driven. Understanding that it is in fact Personal Assistants that often source conferencing facilities, ConferencesUK had a vision to become the best friend of PAs across the UK. It was our job to create marketing collateral that captured their attention and help ConferencesUK meet this ambitious position.

Drawing on ConferencesUK’s friendly, personal and light-hearted persona we created unique and playful illustrations utilised across a full suite of marketing collateral, softening the image of the brand, whilst still disseminating the message of professionalism and quality.

“The new identity created by JAMcreative has enabled us to bring to life our core value of helpfulness in a visually impactful way. We have implemented the design across our new e-magazine and have seen almost 12,000 downloads of those publications so far.

“For a specialist business-to-business publication these are outstanding results and furthermore the new approach has been instrumental in enabling us to reach out to and retain advertisers, such as Arsenal Football Club, Puma Hotels, Mecure and Principal Haley.”

JAM’s brand development helped ConferencesUK increase year-on-year web impressions by 500%.